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Visit Stegna Beach

Visit Stegna Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches of Rhodes can be found in the center of the island. About 30 km from the center of Rhodes is Stegna Beach, which is surrounded by the Archangel Mountains.

Anyone who goes there, from the first moment feels just how beautiful the view is. Apart from its beauty, it has a unique picturesque location and thousands of tourists visit it every year. The beach also has a beautiful little harbor. Peaceful sea, fine pebble, two of the basic elements of the beach that is sure to be fascinating.
Children can play carelessly without disturbing. It is an ideal spot for a peaceful bath. In Stegna you will not be hungry as there is very good food. Do not forget to visit “Grigoris Restaurant” and try the “rosettes” with garlic, red fish that are truly unique.
Visit Archangelos village

From the moment you arrive to Stegna, it would be a failure to visit Archangelos, which is two kilometers farther away. It is one of the few passages that keep the traditions unchanged until today.

You will discover it from the first moment you walk into its narrow streets. The bread is baked even now in the wood-burning oven, while all the inhabitants are keen to keep all other very interesting traditions.

It is noteworthy that in this village there is a very distinctive linguistic idiom. It would really be very constructive to attend if you are lucky in a marriage that takes place with very traditional ceremonies.