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Visit “Anthony Quinn beach”

Visit “Anthony Quinn beach”

It may be small but it is one of the most picturesque and beautiful beaches of Rhodes.

It is located just outside Faliraki in an idyllic and quiet cove. The rocks dominate the small bay, above the turquoise waters. Some meters before, in another small creek, Ladiko beach, on the same pattern
The well-known film “The Navarone Cannons” was filmed on this particular beach in 1961. Anthony Quin was fascinated by this tiny bay. The beach won his name, Anthony Quinn, not only because the famous actress starred in the film, but also because Anthony Quinn himself wanted to buy it during filming.
On this beach you will find natural thin pebbles, pine trees that touch the seaside and emerald waters. Someone would think, that Anthony Quinn had a flawless taste when enchanted by this tiny gulf.
The deep green color of the water is due to the green vegetation that surrounds the beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Rhodes. The most beautiful spot is the rock that is right in the center of the beach, which only accommodates a few sun loungers. At the top of the rocks you can find a canteen and a telephone booth.
Access to the beach of Antony Kouin is easy to reach from the capital (about 15 km) by taxi and private or rented car or motorbike.

Also from nearby Faliraki (3km) you can come here on foot. Guests who have a private or hired boat can tether to the small pier at the bay that exists for this purpose.